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DuoFlex - Remote Control


DuoFlex - Remote Control


Control the DuoFlex Flexible LED Strip Lights with this remote control. A single remote control can be paired with several receivers meaning you can have the DuoFlex in several area's of the kitchen or bedroom and control all from this one remote control.

Please note: The remote control and receiver(s) are purchased separately (see product table below). A receiver is required for each driver you have.

Key points:

> The DuoFlex remote control allows you to choose from both cool white and warm white LED, or to create a natural white tone by mixing the two colours

> One remote can control mutliple receivers, allowing you to control DuoFlex located in different areas of the kitchen

> Functions of the DuoFlex remote control:

- Rotate the colour temperature wheel to select the desired colour temperature
- Decrease the brightness level of the DuoFlex strips (in 10% increments)
- Increase the brightness level of the DuoFlex strips (in 10% increments)
- On/off – switch the connected fittings on/off
- Memory function of the last setting before switched off
- Radio Signal - the maximum range of the remote control is 15m

> A DuoFlex receiver (SE1004100) is required for every driver you have

> The maximum wattage per receiver is 22.5W, so a maximum length of 6m of the DuoFlex can be run from each driver/receiver

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