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Moda - LED Dimming Sensor Switch


Moda - LED Dimming Sensor Switch


Functions of the Moda:

The lights are activated by a hand swipe across the sensor and deactivated the same way. In this mode, hold your hand in front of the sensor to dim the lights. The longer you hold the more the lights dim.

In Cabinet
The lights are activated by the opening of a door and deactivated once the door closes.

Recommended Location

Key points:

> Multi-functional product.

> The SE40520 has 3 functions; use as a dimmer, external on/off switch or in-cabinet on/off switch for 12V & 24V LED products.

> Connect a maximum of 5 products to this sensor (unless the products can be daisy chained)

> Attractive product, perfect for contemporary kitchens.

> Use with any 12V or 24V Sensio product (without an integrated sensor).

> Aluminium effect finish to match many of our best selling products.

> Plug and play, and no additional wiring is required by the electrician.

> IR Sensor with a 5cm detection range (swipe on/off function).

> 1.5m cable from the sensor to the JB4 plug and 1.5m from the sensor to the 6 port JB4 distribution block.

> The sensor has a memory function so when you dim your lighting using this product, when the lights are switched back on they come on at the last setting which you applied.

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