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Neptune - COB LED Over Mirror T-Bar Light


Neptune - COB LED Over Mirror T-Bar Light


This IP44 rated over cabinet/mirror light features COB LED technology. This T-Bar light is perfect for illuminating a cabinet mirror and introducing additional task lighting into the bathroom.

Recommended Location

Key points:

> The 300mm head of the fitting ensures an even illumination across the cabinet or mirror front 

> Available in both cool white and warm white LED, allowing you to create the perfect mood lighting to suit your cabinetry
> COB LED section with acrylic cover

> IP44 rated, suitable for use in zone 2 area's of the bathroom
> Dimensions
   - Length: 300mm
   - Width: 30mm
   - Height: 53mm

> COB (Chip on Board) is the very latest technology when it comes to LED lighting. COB lamps consist of a higher number of small LED chips which are packed together to form one lighting module (rather than several, larger, individual LED chips).

> Why COB?
- Enhanced efficiency
- Higher light output than SMD LED chips
- Longer lifespan
- Uniform appearance. No visible individual LED ‘dots’, instead, a diffused light
- Achieve the  same light output as you would from a halogen lamp with a fraction of the energy usage, meaning considerable savings on energy bills if you switch from halogen to LED

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