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Prisma - Rechargeable Tiltable LED Light


Prisma - Rechargeable Tiltable LED Light


This rechargeable fitting has a tiltable LED section allowing you to angle the light to the perfect position within your wardrobe or cabinet.

Key points:

> Contains a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. No electrical installation required.

> Cable free for simple installation. Anyone can install.

> Rechargeable via a pluggable USB charger.

> Contains a tiltable LED centre. Angle the light to the position you require.

> Has an integrated PIR sensor which automatically switches the light on when the wardrobe or cabinet door is opened.

> The charging time of this product is only 3 hours.

> This fitting is also great for use in kitchen cabinets or a pantry.

> The LED's in this fitting have a lifespan of 30,000 hours.

> This is the most discreet rechargeable solution – it has the slimmest profile.

> Suitable for use in a wardrobe, kitchen cabinet or bathroom cabinet.

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