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Ultimate control

Control your TV, Amplifier and/or Blu-ray Player from Kodi!


Or control Kodi from your TV remote, condense all your remote controls into 1 device!

HDMI 2.0a and HDMI 2.0b Supported

Our technology works on all versions of HDMI, including HDMI 2.0a we don't interfere with the video signal in any way

Compatible with Windows, Linux (including OpenELEC) and Mac OS X.

Our USB - HDMI-CEC Adapter works by connecting your home theatre PC to your home entertainment system's CEC bus. Everything you need is included with your order, to take full advantage of this product you will need to use one of the latest versions of Kodi from

Once connected enjoy seemless connectivity, Kodi will automatically turn on and off your TV and other home theatre equipment. Volume control from XBMC can be sent to your amplifier, manage your DVD or Blu-Ray player from inside XBMC, and redirect the active source on your TV to whichever equipment needs it, all from one remote control!

No line of sight is required and cables can be hidden neatly out of sight.

What is HDMI-CEC?

CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is the control protocol found in HDMI. If you've not heard of CEC,  you may have heard of it in another form, Sony call it Bravialink, LG call it Simplink and Samsung call it Anynet+

These are all the same system essentially and our adapter allows your HTPC to join that communication channel.

Why don't I already have it?

Almost all graphics cards do not support CEC in any form, and others only in a limited form. This device allows Kodi and libCEC to access the CEC communications link and send and receive control messages. 

What does it give me that I don't already have?

The USB - CEC Adapter allows Kodi to turn your TV and other attached equipment on and off (if they support HDMI CEC) adjust the volume or eject the disk from a drive. Start playback etc.

Likewise these same devices can tell Kodi what to do, for example, your TV remote can also control Kodi, or vice versa. With this device you can move that step closer to a clutter free living space while maintaining simple remote control for friends and family who may not be familiar with all of the features of a professional remote control.

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