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Sensio - 30W LED Driver with 12 Port JB4 Distributor


Sensio - 30W LED Driver with 12 Port JB4 Distributor


30W LED Driver to be used with ORANGE products from the Sensio range.

This electronic LED converter is exclusively designed for LED products which are to be used indoors. The electronic converter has a switch mode power supply with 12VDC constant output voltage.

An electronic protection circuit switches off the electronic converter in case of short circuit or overload in the secondary circuit, overheat as well as open circuit. This convertor is a thermally protected device, the type of protection is automatic reset. Once the load is reduced to sit within the suggested parameter the LED converter is ready for operation again

Key points:

Important information for the installation
The unit conforms to the directive 2004/108/EC for the electromagnetic compatibility and the low voltage directive 2006/95/EC.

  • The electronic converter can only be used with the LED lamps.
  • The electronic converter is only suitable for use in indoors. Protect the electronic converter against excessive heat (permissible operating temperature range –20 to +45?).
  • The loads indicated on the converter must neither exceed norbelow the following values: 2-30W
  • Connect the LED lamps to the electronic LED converter with correct polarity according to the schematic drawing.
  • The maximum length of the output cable to the LED lamps should not exceed 8m in order to meet the EMC standard.
  • If the electronic LED converter is used for purposes other than originally intended or it is connected in the wrong way, no liability can be taken over for possible damages.


Rated power: 30W
Minimum load: 2W
Voltage: 12V
Protection degree: IP20


Length: 150mm
Width: 40mm
Depth: 31mm

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