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Solus - Rechargeable Wardrobe/In Cabinet Light


Solus - Rechargeable Wardrobe/In Cabinet Light


The Solus is a rechargeable battery operated fitting. There is no wiring required so it is extremely simple to install, anyone can do it. If used for 2.5 minutes a day the Solus will only need to be recharged every 8 months so is really simple to maintain.

Key points:

> Contains a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. No electrical installation required.
> The product is cable free for ease of installation.
> Rechargeable via a pluggable USB charger.
> Angled surface light to reduce glare.
> Features an integrated PIR sensor which automatically switches the light on when the wardrobe/cabinet door is opened.
> The detection range of the PIR is 2m, meaning the fitting can be positioned as required inside the furniture.
> If movement is not detected for 30 seconds or more the light will temporarily switch off to reduce wastage of the battery power.
> The run time of the product is 8 months based on 2.5 minutes of use per day. The charging time is 6.5 hours on average.
> The perfect fitting for use inside wardrobes with several storage compartments.
> The product has an additional on/off switch for optional use.

> Suitable for use in a wardrobe, kitchen cabinet or bathroom cabinet.

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