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Viva - LED Flexible Strip


Viva - LED Flexible Strip


LED flexible strip lighting can be used almost anywhere. Create truly stunning effects in your kitchen or bedroom with this simple to use product.

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Key points:

> Self-adhesive 3M tape backing allows for quick and simple installation

> Male and female ends on the strip allow you to create the length required

> The strip can be cut to length, scissor marks on the product mark where suitable to cut (every 75-83mm)

> Re-use a cut section of the strip ONCE using the mini-cut connector (SE10318MCC)

> Extremely low energy consumption, only 5W per 2000mm

> Use this product for a variety of applications (on the plinth, above cabinets to up-light the ceiling, below the worktop on a handleless kitchen to name a few)

> All you need to install is an adequate amount of flexible strips, driver connection lead(s) – one per run of strips and a LED driver

> Run a maximum length of 12m from one driver (based on using the 30W driver)

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